We sell apples year-round

We raise over 50 varieities. The trees range in age from 50 to 1 year old and we are continually trying new managment systems to maximize production, labor and other managment.

Varieties Currently Available:

New Season Apples: Honeycrisp, Macoun, Cameo, Stayman Winesap, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Empire, Mutsu, Melrose, Fuji, Holiday, Granny Smith, Goldrush, McIntosh, and Jonagold. Learn About Each Variety



A small red fruit with a great Autumn flavor. Akane has white flesh and very pleasing crispness. They are great for tart eating. Season Length: August



This deep red skinned apple has a diseaving flavor. Burgundy's white flesh is extrememly tart and arguably the most tart apple we sell. Similar to Granny Smith in flavor but more tender and better eating quality. Uses Baking and Eating. Season Length: August



Cameo: This deep red fruit has a harmonious and subtle flavor. It’s smooth taste and pleasing aroma makes it great for sweet eating. Similar in shape to Red Delicious but much better flavor. Season Length: December - March


Canary is a great eating apple similar to gala. Firm and sweet with a very brilliant yellow skin. Season Length: October


This brilliantly red fruit has white flesh that does not turn brown after being sliced. It is slightly acidic with great mouth feel. Great for Baking and Eating. Similar to Jonathan. Season Length: September - February


Cortland apples are great for pies sauce and eating. They are on the tart side and have plenty of great flavor. Similar to Macoun. They are known for their ability to make pink apple sauce if they are steamed with the skin. Season Length: October- January

Crimson Crisp

Crimson Crisp: A new variety with great potential. Brilliantly colored and very hard to bite. This fruit is mildly tart. Season Length: Mid October


Daybreak is an early Fuji type apple that ripens in September. True Fuji's ripen for us at the end of October and taste much better in December after sitting in a cooler for a month. Daybreak is sweet and crisp, great for eating. Season Length: Mid September - December


Elstar is a wonderful apple with wonderful mouth feel. It is acidic and aromatic. Normally this fruit is small and great for lunches. Season Length: September-October


Empire is a great small apple for eating. It is hard and has a very clean mouth feel. Season Length: November - March


The Evercrisp is unique both in flavor and history. It is the first variety released from the MidWest Apple Improvement Association of which we are members. It is the first of many wonderfully unique varieies. Evercrisp is a cross between a Fuji and a Honeyrisp with everything you would hope for. It offers amazingly sweet and juicy flavor with the texture of Honeycrisp yet it is much more dense and will retain its shape and flavor much better in storage and at home. Season Length: November Much longer when we have more trees


This light brown, red apple has a golden flesh and a sweet aroma. It is easy to eat, frosty and sugary. It's flavor heightens after harvest. It has wonderful flavor Winter-Spring. They are one of the last apples we pick, normally the first week in November and they stay hard into June. Season Length December to June.


The Gala variety is great for sweet eating. It is ideal for children. Its orangish skin is very attractive. There are many 'sports' of Gala which is a fancy way to say there are many types of Gala. Most of our Gala are less red but have better flavor even when their color is yellowish to orange-red. Season Length: Mid September - February

Ginger Gold

Ginger Gold is best characterized with 'Spritely'. Its thin skin and juicy texture give it a wonderful mouth feel. This delicate apple is very pleasing in flavor for an early apple. Normally Gala and Daybreak Fuji become a better choice once they are available. Season length: Late August - October

Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious apples are great for eating and baking. They are very sweet and will make sauce and pies much sweeter without the need for as much sugar.


A puckery zinger of an apple! The yellow skin and flesh are deceiving. This assertive fruit is hard, crisp and very tart. You will be amazed with its mouthfeel reguardless of whether or not you take another bite. Season Length: January - April

Granny Smith

Everyone knows what Granny Smith tastes like. They are sour and taste starchy, as if they are not quite ripe. Good for sour eating and baking. Granny Smith is a very dense apple. Season Length: November


Hawaii apples are sweet and have a hint of coconut-pineapple twist. They are great for eating. Season Length: October


Holiday is a great eating apple with white flesh. It is crisp and has a very delecate mouth texture. The flavor is slightly tart to mild. Most similar to Macoun and Cortland. We normally save them in the cooler until December. Season Length: December - May


This seductive apple has a sweet taste and acidy finish. Its characterized by a unique snap. The robust and juicy texture will leave your mouth feeling clean. They can develope a richer more wine type flavor after being stored a few months. If you wonder why they are more expensive the simple answer is that they get just about every rot and disease problem known to apples, including a few new ones. There is simply a lot of fruit loss on the tree, when we harvest, and after keeping them in the cooler. Season length: Early September - March


Honeygold is similar to Golden Delicious. With more pronounced specks on the outer yellow skin it ripens a few weeks before Golden's. The faint flavor of sweet honey can be detected. Season Length: October - November

Ida Red

They are an old variety used for baking. We use them in our pie mixture bags.

Jersey Mac

JerseyMac has a wonderful flavor. It is probably the first sweet apple to ripen but does not last long. Season Length: Late July-Early August


Jonagold apples are great eating and baking. They are flavorful and slightly tart to sweet.


The Jonamac variety is a versitile apple. Its great for eating, baking and sauce. It's flavor is much sweeter than MacIntosh. Season Length: Mid Semptember - December


Has a firm tart texture. Normally small in size which makes them good for lunches. Season Length: October-December


Lodi is most commonly used for sauses and baking. It ripens very early in July.


Known as the "Purple Apple" the Macoun is very lite and crisp in texture. The Macoun is highly acclaimed for its palate pleasing flavors of sweet and acid that will leave you wanting another bite. A Sage-Favorite Season Length: October 10th - February


McIntosh is known as the all purpose apple. It makes great pies, and sauce. Many peole enjoy eating them. They are mild in flavor and juicy. Season Length: September - March


Melrose: The "Ohio Apple” is known for its full flavored, velvety taste. Melrose is a great multi-purpose apple. It is known for its denseness, large size, red color, and bronze speckles. Use this apple for pies, eating and general baking. Sage-Favorite Season Length: October - June

Miller Red

Miller Red is a summer apple that is tart and great for baking.


Milton is well known for making great pies. It has a firm slice and tecture with great mouth feel. Season Length: September

Mollies Delicious

Mollies Delicious as the name implies has many similarities to Red Delicious. Size is larger and color is less red. However, the shape and flavor is very similar. Season Length: August


Best characterized by a pear like taste, this apple is springy, verdant, and pleasing. It has a lite and even finish. It should be greenish with only some yellow. The more Yellow the fruit has the greater the potential for it to be less hard, and greater flavor. Season Length: October - June

Northern Spy

Northern Spy are known for making great tart pies. Its great flavor and firmness lend it useful to eating and baking. Season Length: October - December

NY 414

NY 414 has never been properly named. As the name implies it was discovered at a New York research orchard where they did fruit breeding. We enjoy this apple because it ripens about a week before Macoun and has a very similar shape, color, texture and flavor. Season Length: October

Paula Red

Paula Red has been grown for many years. It is a good early eating and baking apple. What it lacks in flavor can be overlooked by its texture when compared to other early varieties. Season Length: August

20oz Pippen

20oz Pippen is an old favorite for baking. It is very tart and hard which can make for good eating as well.

Premier Honeycrisp

This exciting early Honeycrisp is a wonderful apple to eat. It ripens about a month before Honeycrisp but Premier is as juicy and flavorful as can be. Season Length: Mid August - September


A simple early apple with good flavor. Harvest production of Pristine is low due to limited demand early is season. It is a great early eating apple. Season Length: August

Red Delicious

Red Delicoius is the apple most people picture when we think of an apple. It has the points on the bottom and is upright in stature. Flavor is sweet and starchy with plenty of skin to chew. Season length: Mid October - February


Spartan has many similarities to Macoun, Jonamac and Empire. It is great eating for lunches for its small size and good sweet flavor. Season Length: October - November

Stayman Winesap

Well known for its full-bodied appeal and thick skin. The lumberjack apple a is heavy, tough apple with grainy texture and plenty of acidity. This apple can be hard to bite. Season Length: Late October - April


The Topaz variety is a new variety with tender skin and crisp flesh. It is acidic and flavorful. Its full name is Crimson Topaz. Season Length: October - November



Transparent apples are the earliest apple to ripen. They are tart and great for sauce and pies. Season Length: July



Is great early eating. Viking is very tart. Season Length: late July

vista bella

Vista Bella

They are very tart and early in the season. Vista Bella is good for eating but can be used for baking. Season Length: July



Zestar has a complex flavor of acid and sugars that bring your taste buds alive. It can have great variation in flavor depending on how and when it was harvested. Hands down the best apple before Honeycrisp. Season Length: Late August - September

Seasonal Gallery

Sage's Apples changes every day through the seasons. These photo galleries attempt to help you see the beauty as foods grow and mature.