Robert and Roderic Timmons Family Honorary Tap

To tap the honorary tree this year, the Sage family from Sage’s Apples in Chardon will represent the Timmons family. Mrs. Eleanor Sage was Robert’s daughter and was raised on the Timmons Dairy Farm. Robert & Roderic Timmons were cousins and came from Ireland when they were lads.(actually Roderic Timmons' Father came from Ireland and Roderic was born in Geauga County) The Timmons name has been synonymous with dairy and maple syrup since Robert and Roderic first came to Ohio. They started out milking cows at SterlingGlen Farm on Bainbridge Rd in Auburn. Robert eventually founded Timmons Farm on Munn Rd where Mrs. Sage’s nephew, Bill Timmons, raises milking cows today. Jim Timmons, another of Robert’s grandsons, continues the maple syrup tradition. He and his wife Penny are still tapping trees on their sugar bush of 4,200 taps in Burton.
Eleanor married Allen Ransom Sage of Chardon and they raised 2 sons and a daughter at the orchard they established as Sage’s Apples.
Eleanor’s son, Bob Sage, a grandson of Robert Timmons, is here with her today, as well as his son Ben, Ben’s wife Polly and four of the great, great grandchildren of Robert Timmons. (David 12, Elisabeth 9, Walker 2, and Alden 6 months)
Roderic Timmons’ ancestors can be found in Garrettsville and Ashland.

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